Guardians of the Galaxy Paves the Way for Female Action Movies

This piece was written as a 45-minute test of my ability to rewrite existing articles for an online news and entertainment site.

Guardians of the Galaxy Paves the Way for Female Action Movies
by Jan Dizon


Strong female roles are beginning to gain more attention in the male-dominated landscape of summer action movies. Past summer blockbusters have included characters like Black Widow, in The Avengers, Iron Man, and Captain America franchises, as a woman in a world of men and explosions. But the current hot movie, Guardians of the Galaxy, not only features a strong woman as one of the main characters, but among the $94 million it earned in it’s opening weekend, 44% of movie-goers were women.

image copyright Marvel Studios

image copyright Marvel Studios

Zoey Saldana, who plays the green-skinned Gamora in the film, has clearly hit a sweet spot among female viewers. She is the love interest of Chris Pratt’s Peter Quill, but as the character with a more interesting and developed backstory, and more say in the driving decisions of the plot, it’s almost like Guardians of the Galaxy has, by accident, become Marvel’s first female-lead action movie.


The movie’s screenplay was co-written by Nicole Perlman who came up with the original concept for the story and spent years developing it. Gamora and Nebula, played by Karen Gillan, receive the most screen time and are just as strong and ruthless as their male counterparts. These female super heroes are not just busty babes playing with the big boys. They are equal to their male team mates. And this dynamic is perhaps what is appealing to women of today’s generation, who want to see female role models taking on the action movie genre.


Following the trend of female-lead action movies, it is clear that movie execs are taking notice and want to cash in on the growing female audience for action flicks. In the upcoming Superman vs. Batman movie, Gal Gaddot will be introduced as Wonder Woman in preparation for a standalone movie. And Sylvester Stallone has expressed plans for a spin-off to The Expendables franchise featuring women as The Expendabelles.



Tick Tock

I’ve been trying to write a novel for years but I’m never satisfied with the “voice” of my story in my many drafts. So when I chanced upon an announcement for a Creative Writing workshop for adults at the Ayala Museum, I jumped at the chance.


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Profile Feature on Guro Christophe Verdot – PTK

FMA Pulse - profile feature on Christphe Verdot

Profile Feature on Guro Christophe Verdot – PTK


My first profile feature article was published on FMA Pulse on 23 February 2014 and I’m quite proud to say that in 4 days it’s reach 449 views.  Special thanks goes to Anne Elicano for giving me some tips on how to write an objective magazine-type feature article.

Filipino Martial Arts Goes Global

The opportunity to promote my other passion in life, Pekiti Tirsia Kali, presented itself by writing a guest post for the Choose Philippines tourism blog of ABS-CBN.

Filipino Martial Arts Goes Global is an advertorial about the FMA club that I am part of, PTK Global City.

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FMA Goes Global - Choose Philippines

5 Tips to Keep a Summer Garden Like A Hobbit

The following is an article about gardening which was not published.  I post it here as an example of my work. ~Jan

5 Ways to Keep a Summer Garden Like a Hobbit
by Jan Dizon

The trailer for The Hobbit 2: The Desolation of Smaug was released a few weeks ago. Director Peter Jackson continues the story of Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit from the Shire, who goes on an adventure across Middle Earth. But most Hobbits would much rather stay home than go on a quest with a band of dwarves and a wizard. Even Samwise Gamgee, from The Lord of the Rings trilogy, often spoke of returning to his garden whenever the situation was bleak.

The movies were filmed in the countryside of New Zealand to substitute for Tolkien’s fantasy world. The sets for the Shire itself has become a popular tourist spot. But you don’t need to travel to New Zealand or be magically transported to Middle Earth to enjoy a bountiful garden like a Hobbit. This summer, you can adopt some Hobbit habits to maintain a summer garden in your backyard.

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Free Online Tools for Freelancers

Billable Me

Create a professional-looking invoice to charge your clients for your services that you can download as a PDF to email or print and send via snail mail.

Freelance Writing Agreement / Contract Template

A Work-for-Hire Freelancee Writing Agreement template you can use upon landing a new client. Clearly states the scope of work the project entails, how much you will be paid (you will have to revise the template to reflect if you will be paid by the hour, per word, or per article), how much you will be compensated if revisions are needed or if the scope of the project changes, who keeps the copyrights to the work, and other nitty gritty details.




I keep all my documents in the cloud because it the best way to make sure that I have a backup copy of all my files ready to synch with any of my devices whenever I need it. I also use it to collaborate on projects with other writers and designers and allows clients to download the work I do for them without me having to manually email or ftp them each file.  (Sign up and install Dropbox via the link above to help me get additional space.)


Rescue Time
Rescue Time
The free version of this software tracks the open windows and programs on your computer and gives each a grade on how productive or distracting it is during your workday. For example, facebook is scored as “very distracting” while Open Office is “very productive.” The subscription upgrade allows for more options like an alarm set to go off if you spend too much time on a distracting window. I am only using the free version and already the free reports are giving me a better overview of my workday and how I can better spend my time. Be sure to adjust how the app rates the programs and sites you explore for more accurate reports.

How This Writer Will Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

As a work-from-home freelance writer I am often haunted by the thought that what if one day I am so engrossed with typing away on my laptop or scribbling away in my notebook that I never notice the outside world is coming to an end? What if I am so wrapped up in my writing bubble that zombies start taking over the earth and I don’t notice a darned thing until it’s too late? Will I be doomed to become a reanimated corpse?

Zombie Freelance Writer For Hire
Yes, readers, I have this thought more often than should be normal.

Luckily, as a former girl scout, I have always subscribed to the motto “Always be prepared.” And I have put much thought into what I would need to survive such an event. (Maybe too much thought. But an overactive imagination is why I became a writer, not a banker.) These are habits that I have adopted into my everyday life so that I will never be caught unawares. Zombie Apocalypse? Bring it on!

Writer Kat, Zombie Killer
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5 Random Generators To Get Writing Inspiration From

Need an interesting writing prompt or some inspiration to get yourself out of writer’s block hell? These are some fun random generators I found that can help you get some ideas for your next story or character.

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